The Southern Tshirt Company, LLC

Quality Screenprinting at an Affordable Price

Printed t-shirts are crowd pleasing favorite at every event.  We set up on site, and print your custom shirt to order.  This means you don't have the headache of manning a booth, or ordering too many shirts.  Bonus, you get 20% of net sales.

  • Peach Festival.
    Peach Festival.
  • Carli's butterfly wishes
    Carli's butterfly wishes
  • Jackpot 5D
    Jackpot 5D
  • Jerrica
  • Memorial Day.
    Memorial Day.
  • Holiday Classic
    Holiday Classic
  • Run For The Diamonds.
    Run For The Diamonds.
  • Running for the Lord.
    Running for the Lord.
  • Kiss Cancer Goodbye.
    Kiss Cancer Goodbye.
  • Lady Cat Classic.
    Lady Cat Classic.
  • Race For The Kids.
    Race For The Kids.
  • Turn 3 For a Cure
    Turn 3 For a Cure
  • Carli's Trail ride
    Carli's Trail ride
  • Crawfish Craze
    Crawfish Craze
Peach Festival.
Peach Festival.